PRISM 2018
PRoblem Solving for Irish Second Level Mathematicians

PRISM is an annual contest for second level mathematics students. It is run in the hope of encouraging students to develop their interest in mathematical problem solving and in mathematics in general.

The contest takes the form of a 1 hour exam paper that is invigilated by each participating school - there are separate papers for junior cycle student and senior cycle students. It is up to each school to decide the exact time of the day at which the exam taked place in that location. However to maintain the integrity of the contest, we insist that all schools must run the contest on the same day.

In order to register your school, click on the School Registration link in the menu above and follow the instructions on that page.

A couple of days before the contest, we will post PDFs of the contest materials in the school admin section and schools will be able to download and print as many copies of these as they need. Please see example materials from previous years to see what to expect.

Once the contest has been run, each school will grade its own students and then enter the names and grades of all its participating students in the school admin section. At that point school admins will be able to download automatically generated prize certifiactes that may be used to recognise achievements of particular students within the school.

In order for the certificates to be generated correctly, it is important that School Profile is accurate - this can be edited in the school admin section. In particular the Address1 field and the County field must both be filled in for this to work