PRISM 2016
PRoblem Solving for Irish Second Level Mathematicians
Welcome to the web home of PRISM - PRoblem Solving for Irish Second level Mathematicians. Email any PRISM related queries to

Latest Announcements

I have updated the participating schools page so that only schools that have reported results are shown. As of this post, 41 schools have posted results

We hope that you enjoyed the contest this year. Once you have entered your results, the website will automatically generate a certificate of achievement for your best students. Just click on the Certificates link when you have logged in

The answer key is now available for teachers to download

Happy PRISM day!

We hope that you all enjoy the contest. Answer keys will be posted for teachers shortly. We will check email sporadically through the day, so if you have any difficulties running the contest that we might be able to help with, let us know

The paper and a blank answer sheet are available for teachers to download now. Click on the "Materials for this year's contest link" after you logged in

The contest materials will be posted on the site on Wednesday morning for teachers to download and print. We will also post pdf copies of blank answers sheets. Later after the contest is over we will post answer keys and worked solutions

PRISM 2016 will take place on October 20th.